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As an artist, new information and experiences are vital to my work.  The shifting and selection of those bits and pieces of information that are most useful spark and enliven my creative energies.  The need to know compels further exploration in the search for news ways of making "visible". The result of this pursuit, hopefully is continual growth and farther development.

My work is about the joy of the human spirit. Joy, to me, is not happiness, but a deep abiding knowledge; "a knowing" that is  way down deep inside each person. My paintings are about rhythmic patterns and layered surfaces that reflect my belief in the human spirit.

Making visible, for me, is about the asking of questions. Questions cause search, leading to discovery, resulting in invention.  This is a process that invites and reveals new ways of realizing my sensibility and voice.  The kind of information I need as an artist is the result of constant search.  The information that I use becomes the vehicle that best enables and encourages discovery, invention and the process of "making visible".

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